The history of TCCAC can date back all the way to the early 1970’s, when a few Chinese Christian families started a bible study. The Tri-Cities Chinese Christian Fellowship was formally registered on 12/26/1975. The early growth of the fellowship benefited much from the labor of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Notson, retired missionaries who served many years in China, who also later helped connecting the fledging fellowship with the CMA.

In 1978, the fellowship began to gather on Sundays for worship on campuses of other churches. In the early 1980’s, the Fellowship was renamed Tri-Cities Chinese Christian Church. Then in Nov of 1989, the church passed resolution to join the CMA denomination. On Feb 2, 1990, the church adopted the CMA constitution, and was renamed Tri-Cities Chinese Alliance Church.

In the early 90’s, the work of the Hanford site shifted from its cold-war mission to that of nuclear waste processing for environmental protection, and the Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL) also began broadening its scientific research, so a large number of Chinese moved to the area as a result of the increased hiring of scientists and engineers. With a strong passion to reach out to these scholars and other Chinese speaking people who relocated to the area bring the lost to Christ and spiritual growth for the believers, the Chinese ministry at TCCAC continues to grow under leadership of her 5th senior pastor, Rev. Stephen Chien.

Bilingual Tradition and
English Service

Common to many ethnic Chinese churches in the North America is the need for an English-speaking ministry for the 2nd generation since they are not fluent enough in Chinese to biblical instructions in their parents’ native tongue.  But over the last few years, there have been increasing desires to expand the English ministry to beyond the scope of ministering to the youth.

The vision of the English service is being developed while multiple ministry opportunities beckon, including friends and classmates of our youth members, especially those of Asian descent, spouses of cross-culture marriages and other immigrants who are not Chinese speaking and but lack a good ethnic church, especially those from the Philippines.

Although we do not yet have a full time pastor for the English ministry, we are blessed with a Rev. Jim Latzko serving part-time in youth/English ministry, who had served as a missionary sent by a Baptist church to the Philippines for many years and is currently finishing his mission work stateside.

Tri-Cities Chinese Alliance Church

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