Tri-Cities Chinese Alliance Church’s Search for a Children’s Minister


I.      A Brief Overview of the Church

The Tri-Cities Chinese Alliance Church (TCCAC) is located in Richland, WA, part of a medium-sized metropolitan area in southeastern Washington State called the Tri-Cities. TCCAC started out as a Chinese Christian Bible Study Fellowship over 45 years ago. The early growth of the fellowship benefited much from the labor of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Notson, retired missionaries who served many years in China. This fledgling fellowship grew into a church and joined the C&MA denomination in 1990. In 2005, TCCAC purchased her own church building and later added a mobile classroom to meet growing needs. In accordance with C&MA governance structure, TCCAC is led by a governing board of deacons elected by the congregation, chaired by the senior pastor called to this ministry. Currently under the leadership of her 5th senior pastor, Rev. Stephen Chien, TCCAC has renewed passion to bring the Gospel to the lost and to seek spiritual growth to full measure for individual believers and for the church as a body of Christ.

II.      Church Children’s Ministry and the Need for a Part Time Children’s Minister

Children are our future. Therefore, children’s ministry is an integral part of our core mission to build up believers and families to the full measure of the Truth, to teach our children about their Lord and Savior, and to spread the Gospel to our neighbors. Within this context, we believe it is important to develop a children’s ministry approach that will effectively convey the discipline and instruction of our Lord in ways appropriate for each level of a child’s development so that our young people may grow up to genuinely embrace the Truth and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

TCCAC’s Children’s Ministry is currently run by volunteers, but improvements are needed in the areas of children’s worship, children’s Sunday School, and nursery care.

Per the above purposes and context, TCCAC seeks a part-time children’s minister for infants through 5th grade. This minister will assume the following roles and responsibilities:

        Recruit, train, organize, and support volunteers to care for and train up TCCAC’s children.

        In collaboration with the Discipleship Department, set up formal children’s Sunday School classes that are centered on Scripture, conduct biblical curriculum development, and oversee lesson planning.

        Support parents by providing activity sheets for children who remain present during adult worship services.

        Develop a Children’s Church program during adult Sunday activities.

        Help set up and supervise the nursery and nursery programs, as needed, during adult activities.

        Set up safety guidelines and practices for children and childcare workers during all services and activities.

        As a member of our church’s pastoral staff, work together with the senior pastor and the governing board in overall church development and outreach to our community.


III.      Profile of the Children’s Minister

1.      Faith and Character – We look for a candidate who -

1.         Has unequivocal assurance of being saved by grace through faith in Christ the Lord and a clear sense of calling by Christ the Lord to serve Him in pastoral ministry to children.

2.         Sees this ministry as an answer to this call, in expression of Christ’s love for the church: serving Her, as a servant leader, through ministry to our youngest generation.

3.         Accepts the Statement of Faith, governance structure, and polities of C&MA church.

4.         Is humble, honest, and genuinely seeks oneness in Christ with our congregation.

2.      Qualification and Experience – We look for a candidate who -

1.         Has verifiable experience in children’s ministry, preferably with an associate or bachelor’s degree in ministry or education.

2.         Has a burden for evangelism and building up the church in collaboration with our youth ministry and adult ministry.

3.         Has a special calling to serve in the setting of an ethnic or cross-cultural church.

4.         Has excellent communication skills, with the ability to connect and engage with children and their parents.

3.      Work eligibility in US is required